Why You Should Enclose Your Outdoor Pool

Why Your Pool Needs A Screen EnclosureWhen you invest in a high-quality pool for your home, you should also consider having a pool enclosure installed. Unfortunately, this is something that often gets overlooked because a lot of people don’t realize the value that’s associated with a pool screen. Read on to learn why you should enclose your outdoor pool with a pool cage. 

What Is a Pool Enclosure?

Pool enclosures are screened or glass structures that provide protection from debris, bugs, and pests. They also help give patrons extra privacy and security while allowing year-round enjoyment of the pool. There are three different types of pool enclosures—low enclosures, mid-height enclosures, and high enclosures. As you might have guessed, the difference in each is the space provided based on the height of the enclosure.

Pool Enclosure Benefits

Some of the many benefits that homeowners often overlook with this investment include:

  • Safety and security are created when you have a barrier between your family and those who pass by your home. This screen enclosure will also keep you safe from the bugs and pests who could otherwise ruin your fun. Additionally, if you have small children, you can keep them safe too.
  • Comfort is found in a warm pool, which your enclosure will help you with. It will add to your pool’s heat intensity so you can use your outdoor pool anytime you like.
  • Spend less money maintaining your pool because your screen enclosure prevents dirt and debris from entering it.
  • Add value to your pool with a high-quality enclosure that’ll boost your home’s curb appeal. This will be beneficial if you ever plan to sell your home.

Enclose Your Outdoor Pool With Super Screen

Now that you understand why you need a pool screen, the next step is choosing the screen for your enclosure. But with the overwhelming number of available options, how will you know which to choose? All you need to know is one name: Super Screen. Some of its unique features that make it more reliable include:

  • Bug Resistance

You and your guests won’t have to worry about being bitten by bugs while you’re having fun. Your pools screen will prevent its lights and moisture from drawing unwanted bugs to it.

  • Durable

These screens are known for their durability. They’ll always keep everything from neutral elements to hard objects (e.g. golf balls) out of your pool so it’s protected.

  • Pet Resistance

Unfortunately, there are many people who own outdoor cats today. These cats aren’t only known for wandering, but also for being curious. Even if you’re a dog owner, your pet will still be naturally curious. The last thing you want is for these animals to get into a dangerous predicament. With a screen enclosure you can rest assured that these pets won’t get injured.

  • UV Resistance

Sometimes a pools screen will be bleached with UV light, but this will never happen with the Super Screen.