Why Florida Pools Have Screen Enclosures

Why Florida Pools Have Screen Enclosures

If you are asking yourself why Florida pools have screen enclosures, you are not the only one. Many people have asked similar questions about screen enclosures, so today, we will answer that question.


One of the main things that screen enclosures do is protect a pool from the outdoors. They also protect you during any dip in the pool. The screens often help protect from the sun, keeping both you and the pool cooler than you otherwise would be. Depending on the screen and setup, they can also protect from UV rays. Additionally, the screens provide great protection against the elements and any mess that nature may make. It reduces any bug problems as well since there is not as open an area for them. This protection means you can use the pool throughout the year as long as you heat the water and enclosure well.


Installing screen enclosures has the benefit of reducing the maintenance that a pool requires. Without all the additional dirt and mess that falls into the water and muddies the surrounding area, cleaning becomes a lot easier. The screens also protect the water from evaporating, as they keep the air cooler. This, coupled with the protection from the elements, means you do not have to maintain the pool as often or clean as hard. The closed area helps limit the growth of algae as well. Even though there can be some maintenance required for the screens, short of needing a pool screen repair, you will have far fewer problems than before.

Other Benefits

One benefit of the enclosed pool is the extension to your home. An enclosed pool area is basically an extra room that you can use. The enclosure also helps keep the water from getting too hot or too cold, meaning you save money on heating expenses. With less need to clean the pool area, there will also be fewer chemical smells.

Now that you know why Florida pools have screen enclosures, you can make an educated decision for your pool at home. There are countless benefits to having a screen enclosure around your pool and very few downsides.