What To Know Before Getting Your Pool Enclosure Rescreened

What To Know Before Getting Your Pool Enclosure Rescreened

When pool screens reach the end of their useful life, experience tears, or require continual cleaning to prevent algae build up, you may need to repair or replace them. There are several questions you can ask to inform yourself about what to know before getting your pool enclosure rescreened.

What Is the Most Durable Pool Screen Material?

Pool screen technology has advanced considerably over the past several years. Newer screen materials are far stronger and more durable than ever before. For example, Super ScreenTM is made of polyester yarn with a PVC coating. It resists mildew, UV rays, bugs, pets, and errant golf balls, and has been found to retain its tensile strength for years with little degradation.

Does Replacement Require a Permit?

Permit requirements generally vary by location. Minor repairs may not require a permit, while a full replacement will. Pool screen replacement companies should be experienced and hold any required licenses to get the job done. They should know if your job requires a permit, and ought to help you with the permitting process, if necessary. They should carry liability and worker’s compensation insurance as well. Pool screen replacement is a major job that involves several risks.

Does Insurance Cover a New Pool Screen?

Read your homeowner’s insurance policy carefully and ask questions if you don’t understand the terms. Although your policy may cover framing that attaches to the house and isn’t made of aluminum, it’s unlikely that the policy will cover screening, especially if you haven’t maintained it in the same condition as when it was installed. If the fasteners have deteriorated substantially and you have not had them replaced, your insurance company may deny your claim. However, policies differ, and some companies offer riders to cover pool enclosures, sheds, and carports for an additional fee. Rescreening a pool enclosure due only to age and wear is unlikely to be covered.

How Much Will It Cost?

If you’ve decided to look for pool enclosure rescreening companies, be sure to get a clear and specific estimate in writing. This document should clearly define all aspects of the work, circumstances that might result in additional charges, and the timeline for completion.

For pool cage replacement in Lakeland and surrounding communities in Central Florida, contact Pool Screens R Us. We offer free estimates and are happy to answer all your questions. Ask if a full replacement is truly necessary or if a repair of just damaged panels will suffice. Sometimes, replacing all the screening will be more economical over time, as it uses newer, more durable materials.