Using a Pool Screen to Protect Against Mosquitoes

Using a Pool Screen to Protect Against MosquitoesOne of the worst things in the summertime is being outside by the pool, enjoying the fresh air and sun, and then having mosquitoes swarm around you. It is annoying and if one of these pests bite you, you risk being infected with disease. Which is why if you have a pool you need a pool screen!

A pool screen can protect you quite well from mosquitoes. Even if you do not have a pool, you can install a patio screen. The nice thing about these screens is that you can see out and allow fresh air to come in, but any mosquitoes or other pesky insects can not get in. They will hold up in windy conditions, rain, and storms so you never have to worry about them being ruined.

One nice thing about pool screens is that they are tough. You and your family can swim with them up and be protected from mosquitoes. They can take a beating from rough weather too. This should be an easy decision when thinking about ways to protect yourself outside from insects. And you do not need to worry about dead insects floating in your pool. They also keep leaves out! A pool screen can help keep your pool a lot cleaner, meaning less work cleaning it.

There are other ways to protect yourself as well when outdoors from mosquitoes and other insects. Citronella works great to keep mosquitoes away. There are many versions of this on the market. Citronella candles are great to keep on tables to ward off insects. However, you do need to watch young ones around them. They make wrist bands that are great for kids that are on the go. Torches are a great way to spruce up your back yard too. The citronella will repel the bugs, making them a thing of the past. You will be able to enjoy your backyard once again without having any overpowering scent.

You can also spray yourself with various store bought or homemade sprays for mosquitoes. Some work better than others. Vanilla water is a great method to keep these creatures at bay, but may not work well for everyone.

Mosquito traps may be something that you want to look into if you have huge issues with these peaks. These traps entice insects and then kills them once they have stepped foot into the trap. They can be used on patios and around pools as well. However, these traps are small, so use in large area will require several traps.

The best decision for keeping mosquitoes at bay is a pool screen. If you are interested in purchasing a pool screen or have questions, your best bet is to contact a professional service, such as Pool Screens R Us. These screens will be very effective at keeping mosquitoes away from you, your loved ones, your pets, and anything else around your pool that you do not want these flying creatures to get into.