Tips for Keeping Florida’s Bugs Out of Your Pool

Tips for Keeping Florida’s Bugs Out of Your Pool

Florida has no shortage of bugs, from spiders to mosquitos, and none of them should be in or around your pool. Follow these tips for keeping Florida’s bugs out of your pool to maintain an enjoyable poolside and swimming environment.

Keep it Clean

Whether you maintain your pool yourself or use a service, skim your pool daily and run your pool filter for several hours each day. Insects tend to like stagnant water. Running the filter keeps the water moving and discourages insects from taking up residence and breeding.

A clean pool is an algae-free pool. Keep the chemicals at an appropriate level and shock the pool on a schedule and in an amount recommended for your size pool.

Use Natural Repellants

Some types of herbs smell great to humans but deter bugs. If you have space on or around your pool deck, maintain container gardens of rosemary, mint, sage, or citronella. They look great, are relatively low-maintenance, and will encourage insects to move on.

Dish Soap Spray

Even with diligent skimming, colonies of water bugs or mosquitos can establish themselves in your pool. Sometimes, a diluted spray of dish soap will eliminate them. Fill a clean plastic spray bottle with a solution of water and dish soap, and spray the floating islands of bugs. The soap makes it difficult for the bugs to move and seals off the colony from air, so the bugs begin to expire. Run your filter for several hours until you don’t see any more bugs in the pool. If you had lots of bugs, clean or replace your pool filter.

Some Pests Require Professional Removal

Florida is home to several species of poisonous spiders. If your pool area has attracted spiders, it might be best to summon a professional pest control company to identify and get rid of them. Don’t risk getting bitten when you don’t know what type of beastie lurks in your pool area.

Repair Pool Screening

To control unwanted visitors—be they human, animal, or insect—many Florida pool owners enclose their pools with structures that screen bugs and sometimes UV rays out. Another tip for keeping Florida’s bugs out of your pool is to inspect your pool screening regularly and call for repairs of small tears or holes before they get bigger. Pool Screens R Us provides pool enclosure repair in Lakeland and surrounding areas in central Florida.

Inspect entry doors to your pool enclosure. These should have sweeps or weather stripping that create a gap-free seal against the pool decking. If the sweep or seal’s material is older, it may crack or decay. Replace the sweep with a new one to re-establish the seal. If your decking is uneven, you may need to add a door threshold to create a tighter seal.

An essential area to inspect is where the enclosure meets the house. If your pool enclosure attaches to your home’s roof, there should also be a sealant, like silicone caulk, to keep debris and bugs out, and it too can become brittle or cracked. A professional pool enclosure repair company can help ensure that your enclosure is in good shape to keep bugs out, so you can enjoy your pool.

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