The Best Ways To Keep Debris Out of Your Pool

The Best Ways To Keep Debris Out of Your Pool

An outdoor pool is one of the greatest features a home can have, as you swim at your own leisure. But one thing you’ll deal with is constant debris falling into the pool. Managing this debris is a huge challenge in owning a pool, and you’ll run constant maintenance on the pool. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help you manage the debris. These are the best ways to keep debris out of your pool.

Upkeep the Area

The first thing you can do is clean the area around the pool. Most debris comes from the immediate surroundings, like trees. Proper landscaping and trimming can reduce how much debris falls into the pool and save you time in the future.

Water Levels

Pools naturally have filters and skimmers that trap and clean away some debris. This can help you a lot when managing the pool’s debris, but it only works if you have the proper amount of water. Too much or too little water will prevent the filter from cleaning the pool. So, always make sure you have the right amount of water in your pool.

Tennis Balls

One trick that works for cleaning your pool of oils and other liquids that sit on the top is throwing tennis balls into the water. The tennis ball will float on the water, absorbing the oils on top and make cleaning a lot easier.

Leaf Cover

Another trick that prevents pool debris is a leaf cover, which catches most debris that would fall into your pool. Now, you can’t swim with one and it doesn’t clean the pool, but using one can save you a lot of hassle in cleaning.

Pool Enclosure

Possibly the most effective way to prevent debris in your pool is by investing in a pool enclosure. A pool enclosure separates your pool from the outside, effectively protecting your pool from most forms of common debris. It’s one of the major reasons people go through pool screen installation, as pool screens lower the amount of maintenance your pool needs.

These are the best ways to keep debris out of your pool—or at least deal with it efficiently. There is no way to completely remove the debris that enters a pool, but these tips should help you greatly reduce the amount of debris you deal with.