The Benefits of Installing Gutter Guards

The Benefits of Installing Gutter Guards

Gutter guards sit on top of the opening of your gutter. They allow water to flow through but prevent debris from accumulating. Learn about some of the benefits of installing gutter guards to decide if they’re for you.

Time and Money

Gutter guards save you time by making it unnecessary to clean out the gutters several times a year. They also save money because you don’t have to hire someone repeatedly to clear gutters of debris and keep them clear so rainwater can run freely to downspouts.


Any work that requires getting up on a ladder or roof involves risk. Structural pool enclosure gutters are notoriously hard to clean. You can’t get at them from inside the enclosure. That means you must get up on the roof to scoop out the debris, and then carry it to the edge of the roof to dispose of it into yard bags below. Falls from roofs are an all-too-frequent cause of serious injury or even death. Installing gutter guards saves you from taking the risk of climbing and moving around your roof to clear gutters.

Reduces Animal and Pest Problems

Animals and insects are attracted to water. Gutter guards discourage them from taking up residence on your roof or in your gutters. Mosquitoes breed in standing water, while squirrels, birds, and rodents are attracted to an easily available source of shelter and water in your gutters. Make your gutters unattractive to pests with gutter guards that keep debris out and make it impossible for birds and animals to build nests.

Extends the Life of Gutter and Roof

Standing water can cause your gutters to rust and corrode. It can encourage mold and algae to grow, and these can spread to your roof. Keeping gutters clear keeps rainwater moving and avoids the problems standing water can cause.

Another benefit of gutter guards is that they help prevent gutter overflow from clogs and blockages that can damage your siding and seep into your foundation.

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