Super Screen Installation

There are various screen netting options available to choose from today. The Super Screen is just one of you. However, you may be wondering why it’s better than the others.


Many pool nets tear or get holes from a combination of normal wear and tear and the outdoor weather, but not so with this one. The Super Screen has undergone a simulated 7-year test showing that only 1% of tensile strength was lost by the end of this study. Even if you’re trying to keep normal weather out or things like golf balls, this screen will make it happen. If it doesn’t, you can call on its 10-year warranty to make it right.

Resists Bug

Many pool nets have too much space so bugs can easily get through them but not so with this one. Instead, the only thing that will get through is the sun and the breeze. This is important since bugs like congregating around water where they become a nuisance. Of course, when mosquitoes are present, they’re likely to bite you and many of them today carry diseases like malaria and the West Nile virus. This is especially true when you or your family member already have a compromised immune system.

Resists Mildew

Any product you keep close to a water source like your pool is bound to start growing some mildew eventually. Of course, this serves as the source for yet another health hazard to you and your family. However, with this screen, you won’t need to worry about mildew growth because it’s undergone biocide treatment. What this means to you is that the screen is composed of a component that’s known to fight mildew and stop it from building up so you don’t have to worry about how wet your screen gets.

Resists Pets

Dogs love being in the center of the fun and cats are quite curious by nature. As such, they’ll probably want to be around your pool at some point too. While you may love having them near you, what you probably don’t love is the damage that they can potentially cause to things like screens. After all, you never know when your dog will become overly excited and cause damage to something, but you’ll never have to worry about this while using the Super Screen. They won’t ever be able to leave any claw marks on this screen. This is something many pet owners have noticed immediately after installing it.

Resists UV Rays

There are a lot of pool screens available for you to choose from today but most of them will eventually become bleached out by the UV sun. This won’t happen when you use the Super Screen because it’s been built with UV resistance in mind. As such, it can hold its vibrant color for many years.

The Bottom Line…

Now that you know why you need the Super Screen it’s time to choose a company to install one for you. For this you should call upon Pool Screens R Us. Get in touch with them today and you’ll soon discover why so many customers have been glad they’ve done this.