Reasons To Add a Kick Plate to Your Pool Enclosure

Pool enclosures massively improve your pool experience, but they do have some drawbacks. Linking your pool to your home means that you increase the risk of water splashing into your home and around the enclosure. However, a kick plate can help solve this problem—that’s just one of the reasons to add a kick plate to your pool enclosure.

What Is a Kick Plate?

A kick plate is a slate of waterproof material, typically metal, that replaces or covers the lower part of screens and other areas that might leak water. They come in a range of sizes, from a few inches to a couple of feet in height, to help keep your enclosure area clean and separate.


One of the main reasons to add a kick plate to your pool enclosure is its function. The main purpose of a kick plate is to stop mud and water from splashing into places it shouldn’t be. Kick plates help protect your home and interiors from water damage.

Simple Cleaning

Outside of the prevention of water damage, kick plates help make cleaning easier. Just like a pool enclosure, kick plates limit how messy the area can get, making cleaning much easier.

Aesthetic Value

Another reason so many people install kick plates is the visual look they add to the space. A lot of pool enclosures feature full walls of windows and screens; kick plates help to break up these monotonous designs. The kick plates can make the whole enclosure seem more natural. However, your opinion on the visual value of kick plates may differ, so make sure you pick one that you like.

These are the reasons why so many people install kick plates around their pool enclosures. Plus, they work in all sorts of weather, making them as useful for pool enclosures in Lakeland, Florida, as they are in New Salem, North Dakota. When you install kick plates, you won’t need to worry about water or mud spreading around your place.