Reasons Pool Enclosures Add Value to Your Home

Reasons Pool Enclosures Add Value to Your Home

Pool enclosures offer various benefits, and there are many reasons pool enclosures add value to your home. Even if you have no plans to sell your house, enhancing and maintaining its value is always a good idea for the future.

Pool Enclosures Keep Pests and Debris Out

When you or your guests look at a backyard pool, you don’t want their first thought to be, “Wow, I bet that’s a real pain to maintain!” Pool enclosures limit leaves and other debris and discourage pests from visiting your pool. The enclosure saves you from having to make a decision to remove shade trees and flowering shrubs just to minimize debris in the pool. The screening and the roof will keep most debris out, making maintenance much easier as a result.

Improved Safety

Unsupervised children are every pool owner’s nightmare. A pool enclosure helps keep wandering neighborhood kids out, and helps secure your pool area against animal pests. There’s a lot of wildlife in Florida and some of it is dangerous and unwelcome in a home pool environment. A pool enclosure discourages incursions by unauthorized visitors, both the two-legged and the four-legged variety.

Pool Enclosures Make Your Home Feel Bigger

An attractive pool enclosure brings the outdoors in, making you feel like you have more space. The pool area becomes an extension of your home, offering extra space for relaxing, reading, and exercise. A well-designed pool enclosure with the right kind of screening can emphasize a great view, or provide protection from sun and insects.

A pool screen enclosure should be free of tears and other damage. Inspect your screen enclosure at the beginning of every pool season. If you notice damage or deterioration in your central Florida pool screen, contact our pool screen repair company in Lakeland, Florida, for fast, expert repair service. Keeping your pool enclosure in good condition will add value to your home for years to come.