Pool Upgrades to Make This Summer

Pool Upgrades to Make This Summer

When the summer heat and humidity strike in full force, your pool becomes your refuge and relief. If it has been a while since you’ve freshened up the look and features of your pool environment, we have suggestions about pool upgrades to make this summer.


Lighting can be more than a safety feature: lights create a special atmosphere, especially at night. Newer pool lighting applications include colored LEDs. Even if you want to stick to traditional white lights, you’ll save energy by upgrading to efficient LED pool lights.

Lighting in the pool is one thing, but don’t neglect lighting around the pool. Solar-powered garden lights that come on automatically when the sun sets provide a glimpse of your backyard paradise from inside your pool enclosure. The right lighting turns an ordinary backyard into resort landscaping.


Consider replacing old-fashioned pebbles at the waterline with sleeker, more contemporary tile designs. Choose from a vast array of colors, shapes, sizes and materials to boost the look just above the waterline in your pool.


Systems that sense when evaporation has caused the water level to drop too low and that automatically refill the pool—or sensors that measure and report pH levels to you through an app on your phone—are among the latest options for pool upgrades to make this summer.You may find an app that connects to a system in your pool and allows you to manage the water temperature, turn fountain or waterfall features on or off or adjust the lights. Automatic pool cleaning robots scrub pool floors and walls for you.

Deck Resurfacing

Concrete pool decks can appear stained and tired-looking after many years of sun and pool chemicals. Resurfacing can quickly provide a fresh, new look and improved slip resistance. Brushed on, applied with a trowel, or sprayed on, newer deck resurfacing compounds can refresh older pool decks.

Screen Replacement

Inspect your pool screen enclosure for tears, patches, and punctures, and check the framing for corrosion, rust, dents, or loose screws. Pool screening materials just keep getting better—they’re more durable, more resistant to UV rays, and better at guarding against intrusion by bugs and animals. Therefore, older pool enclosures can benefit from screen replacement and frame repair. Pool Screens R Us is your source for pool screen repair in Lakeland, Florida, and other central Florida communities.

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