Pool Enclosure Rescreening & Pool Screen Repair in Orlando

Pool Enclosure Screen Repair & Replacement in Orlando, FL

When it comes to pool screen repair in Orlando, Florida, no one tops the professionals at Pools Screens R Us. As a local family-owned and -operated business, we have years of experience working with families across Central Florida to repair their pool cages, enclosures, and other screened in areas. We also offer a variety of other services such as installing pet screens, pool enclosure gutter guards, patio inserts, garage screen sliders, screen doors, and solar screens. Pool Screens R Us has a three-year warranty on rescreening and a one-year warranty on all repairs.

Homeowners in in Orlando and the surrounding communities have told us their stories and explained how a new pool screen improved their experience with their pool. Here are just a few of the benefits they found with their screen:

Wildlife Protection

Nothing can spoil a nice day at the pool like dealing with annoying insects and unwelcome pests. In addition to causing bug bites and skin irritation, insects, such as mosquitos, can carry a variety of infectious diseases. Holes or damage to your pool enclosure can also let in a host of other animals and critters. That’s why Pool Screens R Us is here to help with reliable screen repair and replacement services. To keep unwanted guests out and prevent further damage to your enclosure, we can install puncture- and tear-resistant screen material. This type of screen is also beneficial to pet owners, as the screen is impenetrable to clawing.

UV Ray Protection

Florida residents are all too familiar with the sun’s powerful rays. If you’re looking for pool screen repair and need some extra UV ray protection, our team can install a high-performance Solar Screen to help. These screens will filter out up to 95% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Pool Enclosure Rescreening 

Though resistant to most conditions, sometimes pool screens can sustain damage from severe weather, persistent pets, or roughhousing kiddos. The first thing to do in determining the required services is to assess the damage. If the screen has been separated from the jointed areas of the enclosure, you will likely require a complete or partial pool enclosure rescreening. 

Pool Enclosure Restoration

If your pool cage is showing signs of wear, don’t fret—Pool Screens R Us provides full pool enclosure restoration in addition to screen repairs and replacements. Whether it be rusted hinges and screws, bent aluminum, structural damage, or chipped paint, you can count on us to get your pool cage looking brand new again. Quite often, we find our services even help extend the durability of an enclosure, too. This is because we use only the best quality equipment and materials to perform our restorations with, including fade-resistant paint, durable aluminum parts, and fast-sealing lacquers.

Our experts at Pool Screens R Us have painted, screened, and completely rejuvenated hundreds of enclosures in central Florida. Here is how we do it. First, we remove all old screen and spline, and replace all fasteners with stainless steel, which are guaranteed to resist rusting for 10 years. Next, we’ll cover the pool, bushes, and house to prevent over spray. We’ll also sand all the aluminum components to a perfect finish. Then we apply primer to any bare metal areas and hand wash aluminum with TSP. Finally, we’ll apply a Sherwin direct to metal paint that is both chip and fade resistant.

Patio Inserts & Screen Room Installation 

If you’re looking for professional patio screen room installation in Orlando, Pool Screens R Us is here to help. We now provide screened-in patio installation to give our customers a beautiful place to relax, read a book, or spend time with family and friends. Each screen room we install is built with high performance insulated roof panels which will keep you cool on even the sunniest summer days. If your screen room ever sustains any damage, you can count on us for reliable repair and replacement services. From individual patio screen insert replacements to entire structure repairs, we can do it all.

Screen Doors & Garage Screen Sliders

Though we’re known for our professional pool enclosure screen repair services, Pool Screens R Us also provides Orlando residents with reliable screen door and garage screen slider installation. Screen doors and sliders are especially beneficial to Florida-based homes, as they allow fresh air to circulate within your home or garage while keeping bugs and critters out. You can customize each installation to feature a specific frame, type of screen material, and size that’s particular to your home’s design. Our screen door installation services are available for pet doors, too. No matter the size or shape needed, we can install a pet door that will fit seamlessly in with any other preexisting screens.

The Pool Screens R Us Experience

The team at Pool Screens R Us will ensure your pool enclosure is in excellent condition so you can enjoy it the way it was meant to be enjoyed. As such, you can rely on us for exceptional pool screen replacement, gutter guard installation, and pool screen repair in Orlando and other Central Florida locations. Call us today at 863-547-4210 or fill out contact form to learn more our services.