Pool Screen Repair in Auburndale, FL

Look no further for pool screen repair in Auburndale, FL. Pool Screens R Us has you covered so you can get back to enjoying your pool again. Our pool screen repairs are just one service we offer in addition to rescreening lanais, pool cages, front entries and other enclosures. We offer a three-year warranty on rescreens and a one-year warranty on repairs. Our company will beat any written estimate by 10%, and we can quickly perform services while you’re out.

Protection from Bugs

A major convenience to pool screen installation is it offers protection against pests. A quality pool screen not only helps you deal with the nuisance of bugs and bug bites; it also can protect you from diseases such as the Zika virus.

Our pool screen repair in Auburndale, FL, also eliminates the need to hire an exterminator. Your wallet will be thankful for this in the long run. And when you get the screen professionally installed, you can achieve peace of mind knowing it will keep bugs out for years.

Protection from UV Rays

This benefit has two main effects. First and most importantly, it protects you and your family from harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays. Every Floridian knows how easy it is to get a sunburn. A pool screen is no substitute for sunscreen application; however, our Solar Screens can block up to 80% of the sun’s rays. The second effect is an often-overlooked benefit—a pool screen can keep your patio up to 15 degrees cooler compared to lack thereof.

Protection from Stray Golf Balls

No more “fore!” (at least not on your deck). The Pool Screens R Us Super Screen will protect you from stray golf balls. Florida is far and away the state with the most golf courses—home to over 1,200 of them. Stray shots are inevitable, and you’ll need to stay protected if you live near a course. Our Super Screen will protect you from that way-off course amateur shot.

Patio Screen Room Installation

Pool Screens R Us now offers professional patio screen room installation in Auburndale, FL! Screened-in patios make an excellent addition to your home and can give you a cool place to escape the heat of the summer sun. Each screen room we install utilizes only the highest quality insulated roof panels made with a high-density polystyrene core. With a patio screen room from Pool Screens R Us, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting an addition that you’re proud to show off.

We Put You First!

Pool Screens R Us is a five-star company that makes you the priority. Our team will ensure you feel fully satisfied when we repair or replace any screen enclosures in Auburndale. Get a quote today to see what we can do for you.