Pool Screen Enclosure Hurricane Protection Tips

Pool Screen Enclosure Hurricane Protection Tips

A hurricane can cause immense damage to a home, even if it doesn’t directly hit your house. That’s why you often learn about how to protect your home from damage in extreme weather. However, pool screen enclosures require different methods of protection, as they encounter different problems than a normal house during a storm. If you need some help with preparing for a hurricane, try using these pool screen enclosure hurricane protection tips.

Install Braces

Most pool enclosures have windows or screens across the majority of their walls. This means that the walls are typically weaker than a normal house’s walls. You’ll likely need braces against the outer windows to reinforce them from the storm.

Turn the Power Off

Hurricanes bring a lot of rain and water with them, which can cause a lot of problems if you leave electricity on in areas where there might be water. Turn off any electronics and cut off the electric flow before the hurricane hits.

Remove Debris

In the high winds that come with a hurricane, even the smallest items can turn into deadly projectiles. Put away or lock down any loose items to limit this risk. You should also remove dead plant parts, such as branches, so that they don’t break off during the hurricane and become harmful debris.

Improve Air Flow

Storm winds follow the path of least resistance, so opening a path through which air can flow can help reduce wind pressure on your pool enclosure. Open up a pathway for the air to flow through your pool enclosure to help keep it standing.

Fully Clean Your Pool

After the storm passes, you’ll want to clean up whatever mess the hurricane made. This includes tending to the pool itself. You should expect that you’ll need to clean up debris and shock the pool before you can use it again. If the storm was really bad, you might need to hire a pool rescreening service to fix your enclosure.

These are the most basic and effective pool screen enclosure hurricane protection tips. Just keep in mind all the flooding that might come along with the hurricane and plan accordingly.