Pool Enclosure Repair vs. Replacement: What To Choose

Pool Enclosure Repair vs. Replacement: What To Choose

If you’ve ever been in an outdoor pool with a pool enclosure, you know that the enclosure increases your enjoyment of the pool. You get all the benefits of an outdoor pool while keeping things like pests and branches from bothering you while you swim. However, pool enclosures also need proper maintenance and repair over time. So this article will help you know what to choose when considering pool enclosure repair vs. replacement.

Wear and Tear

You should know what things can harm a pool enclosure. Normal wear and tear from the sun is something you should expect from every enclosure. At the same time, corrosion from environmental factors like nearby saltwater or birds is a common occurrence. As long as you run regular maintenance, you should get by with basic repairs for a long time.

Weather Damage

Weather damage is a bit different from regular wear and tear. Average storms and winds might cause damages instantly. Luckily, you can fix these with some light repairs most of the time. However, extreme weather or accidents from weather, such as falling trees, can irreversibly damage a pool enclosure. Therefore, you should inspect your pool enclosure after mild to extreme weather so that you can quickly identify what you need.

Mold and Pests

Like regular wear and tear, almost every pool enclosure will have issues with mold and pests. Be vigilant about finding and treating any molds you discover before they become bigger problems. Pests often create holes in screens or other areas, so utilize pest repellent methods before they become an issue. Both these problems will likely only call for minor repairs if you catch them early.

Minor vs. Major Damage

When you want to know what to choose when considering pool enclosure repair or replacement, you should learn how to quantify the costs of the damage your pool suffers. It’s practically impossible to gain exact numbers, as each pool enclosure is different. However, the moment the repairs start approaching the cost of replacing the pool enclosure entirely, you should look at replacement. The more damage your pool enclosure has, the more cost-efficient replacement becomes.

These are the main things you should consider when deciding whether to repair or replace your pool enclosure. If you determine that replacement is the better option, you should take the opportunity to upgrade, as new features are always coming out at affordable rates. If you need repairs or replacement near Florida, you can always use a pool screen repair service in Orlando like us at Pool Screens R Us.