Pet-Proof Screen Replacement and Repair

Premium-Quality Pet-Resistant Screens

If you have a pet that enjoys roaming about while you spend some time relaxing in the sunshine, then you could benefit from installing a pet-resistant screen to prevent your pet from wandering off or getting hurt by other wild animals. Stronger than the traditional mesh screens, pet-proof screens are resistant to tearing and puncturing from your pets’ claws. That same scratch resistance applies to animals trying to enter from the outside. These screens are typically used in high-traffic areas such as the lower sections of pool enclosures, patios, and lanais. You can also use a pet screen on your doggie door.

Advantages of Pet Proof Screens


These screens are made to resist animal-induced wear and tear, as well as our tropical state’s many intense weather conditions that would cause a normal screen to become damaged. Therefore, you can count on these screens to stay intact and in excellent condition for years to come.


When you have screens that are durable enough to resist scratching, shredding, and dangerous weather conditions, you’ll also have far fewer replacements than you would with ordinary screens.


Pet-resistant screens are made with your beloved furry friends in mind. The screen itself is made to resist pet scratching without causing injury to their nails. Additionally, the screen is durable enough to remain intact instead of shredding into pieces that animals could accidentally ingest.


You can install cat- and dog-proof screens on a variety of structures, including pool enclosures, doors, patio screen rooms, and more.

Protection from Debris

Just as the screen keeps pets in the enclosed space, it also keeps debris out while still being permeable to fresh air and sunlight.

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