Keeping Your Pets Safe Around Your Pool

Keeping Your Pets Safe Around Your PoolMany people living under the soaring temperatures of Florida’s sun want to know if their dog was born to swim. Although your dog instinctively knows how to “doggy paddle,” this doesn’t make them proficient swimmer or enable them to stay out of trouble. However, there are some pool safety tips that you can adhere to, so your pet doesn’t have a tragic accident.

Install a Fence Around Your Pool

Although fences are mainly used to keep children away from your pool, they can also keep your dogs safe too. If you live in Dade county, they’re a requirement. Overall, they’ll give you peace of mind.

Closely Supervise Your Dog

All dogs can doggy paddle, some breeds’ anatomy is better suited for it than others. Here’s what you can generally expect from different breeds of dogs:

  • Bulldogs and Boxers have wide, heavy chests that make them top heavy.
  • Dogs who have short, stubby legs will tire quickly in the water.
  • Pugs, Shih-tzus, and Bulldogs are known to be brachycephalic because they have smush-faces (short muzzles and flat airways) which is why they’re also commonly known to drown.

Regardless of the breed, a good pool safety to always bear in mind is to closely supervise your dog around water.

Invest in a Life Vest

Dogs who are older, afraid of the water, or are brachycephalic should always wear a life vest while in the water. This is also something that any dog with site problems or who suffers from seizures should also wear. Generally, a life vest for your dog is a great investment.

Show Your dog how to Exit the Pool

Even when your dog is wearing a life vest it’s still important for you to show them where the pool’s steps are so they can easily get out of the pool themselves. This will take some training, but it is definitely doable. Additionally, you may wish to consider also installing an extra ramp or set of stairs at the other end of the pool as well.

Install a Pool Alarm

You can buy a sensor for on your dog’s collar whose base will sit somewhere in your home. If your dog gets into your pool an alarm will sound so you can help him back out again. These have been known to save dogs’ lives.

Learn Doggy CPR

Now is a great time to learn the basics of CPR. Even if you already know CPR you’ll want to brush up on your skills occasionally. You never know when you may need to use it.

Always Supervise Your Dog Around the Pool

It only takes a few seconds for an accident to happen. Drowning can occur in a matter of minutes. These pool safety tips will ensure your dog’s safety around the pool this summer. This doesn’t mean that something won’t go awry though. For this reason, you should invest in a screen for over top of your poof from Pool Screens R Us. Over the years they’ve kept many dogs save. They want to help keep yours safe too.

Picture Credit: 54118