How To Prepare Your Pool for Spring

How To Prepare Your Pool for Spring

Almost everyone loves a backyard pool in the summer. There are so many fun times to be had with friends and family without leaving your house. It goes great with an outdoor barbecue as well. However, if you want to get any use out of your pool, you will need to know how to prepare your pool for spring. You can’t just open it up one day after winter and jump in. There is a lot of work you’ll need to do to make sure that the water is safe.

Clean the Pool

Even if you never use your pool, it can still accumulate dirt and garbage. The first step is to clean out your pool of any mess that you can see. Start with a simple once-over and clean out anything you can see to start out fresh. You will need to run the pool vacuum for a while as well to clean out the bottom of the pool. You will then need to test the pool with a testing kit to make sure it reaches the recommended numbers. This will tell you what you need to do next. Take note of the recommendations that come with the pool as you balance out the chemicals. Make sure that your pool is circulating as you add in the chemicals to fully spread them through the water.

Clean the Area

Once the water is clean, it is time to clean up the rest of the pool area. You should focus on anything that might end up in the water, such as pool toys. These can get quite dirty over the year and cause problems if they get into the water while they’re still filthy. One way to lessen the cleaning of the area and the pool is to use a screen room. A screen room is like a building that protects your pool and its surrounding area all year long. It is very good at keeping the pool clean; however, it does sometimes need repairs. If you need any screen room repairs, you can hire a professional to do it for you.

Now that you know how to prepare your pool in spring, your dreams of swimming are only a quick clean away. Just be sure to properly maintain the water’s balance and have fun!