How to Care for Your Pool Enclosure

How to Care for Your Pool Enclosure

Your pool enclosure helps shield you from the sun, keeps debris out of your pool, and discourages critters from fouling your pool deck—or worse—taking a dip themselves. Proper maintenance will make your enclosure last longer and look better for maximum enjoyment. Here’s some advice about how to care for your pool enclosure.

Keep It Clean

A garden hose and some gentle dish soap should be enough to clean your screen. Gentle is the operative word here—you want to clean it, not damage it. Use a soft brush, apply light pressure, and rinse gently. If you see mold or mildew forming on enclosure surfaces or supports, a vinegar and water solution should get rid of it. Regular cleaning keeps dirt and mold at a minimum and will save you a bigger cleaning project later on.

Inspect Your Screen Regularly

Kids and pets can put some wear on your enclosure’s screening. Quality screening, when properly installed, should resist damage, but little rips and tears can happen. Inspect your screen regularly and identify any small problems before they become big ones. This includes looking for tears, worn or rusted screws or fasteners, and fading (if your screen has color). Employ the services of an experienced pool screen repair or replacement company if you discover damage on your screening. If you need pool cage replacement in Lakeland, FL, look no further than Pool Screens R Us.

Consider Rescreening

If your enclosure is aging, don’t miss out on technical improvements in screening materials. If your screening is looking tired instead of taught and new, consider re-screening. You may find you get improved sun protection, better visibility, and stronger screens that last longer without tears. You’ll still have to know how to care for your pool enclosure and perform regular maintenance, but rescreening could be the answer for a like-new enclosure without the expense of a full rebuild.

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