Essential Pool Maintenance for the Summer

Essential Pool Maintenance for the Summer

As the weather starts to warm up, a pool can be a great way to chill off. The nice, cool water is perfect for staving off the heat of summer. But a pool needs maintenance to make it safe. Additionally, this maintenance changes with the new weather. To manage this, use this guide on essential pool maintenance for the summer.

Chemical Levels

Every pool meant for swimming doesn’t just hold pure water. Most contain a mixture of water and other chemicals, such as chlorine, that keep the water clean. Upholding this balance of chemicals is very important in pool maintenance. You should check the chemical makeup of the pool at least every week and adjust as necessary.

Clean Debris

Open pools are prone to small and large debris falling into the water. Anything from leaves to branches to garbage can end up in your pool. The best thing to do is to clean up all this debris before you swim. Or you can attend to it every few days. At the same time, you want to clean off the sides of the pool’s sides once every few days to prevent a buildup.


Pools come with filtration systems that catch a lot of the small things in the water. This prevents clogs and buildups in the water and pool machinery. However, you must clean out these filters weekly to ensure they can prevent future problems.

After Rain

Summer comes with a lot of rain in many places. Rain tends to dirty a pool and alter chemical levels. This is why you should always run a full inspection after a rainy day to make sure your pool is still clean and chemically balanced.

Pool Enclosures

Many of the problems that come during the summer, such as rain and more evaporation due to increased sunlight, are preventable if you use a pool enclosure. These enclosures will section off your pool from the outside factors that dirty it or otherwise negatively affect it. You will still need to do maintenance, but it should be much easier. The pool enclosure might also need repairs, just like any structure. When this occurs, you can call a pool enclosure repair service to fix any problems properly.

Now that you know about the essential pool maintenance for the summer, you can keep your pool clean. The best thing you can do is form a schedule for all of the cleaning and stick to it.