Different Types of Pool Screen Enclosures

Different Types of Pool Screen Enclosures

Florida homeowners know the benefits of pool enclosures: they provide added privacy and security, help keep debris and animals out, and add beauty to the pool surroundings. Different types of pool screen enclosures vary by the shape of the structure and roof, the materials for the screening and supports, and the height of the enclosure.

Roof styles for enclosures include:

  • Mansard roofs – the surface of the roof is flat, but the planes of the roof sections angle down to meet the walls, creating a feeling of airiness and more space.
  • Dome roofs – these curve all the way across, forming a dome shape, and range from full-house height to low profiles that cover the pool, but they’re too low to stand up underneath.
  • Gable roof – the roof has a triangular shape with a peak at the top; the base of the triangle rests on the outer walls.
  • Hip roof – this roof style has four sections that meet at the top, and they sort of like four triangles leaning against each other
  • Shed roof – this roof extends from the roof of the house and slopes downward across the pool to the deck.

Screen enclosures may attach to the house, or they may stand alone around the pool. Screen enclosures attached to the house effectively turn your outdoor pool into an indoor pool. They also prevent debris and dirt from getting into the pool water, easing the workload for your filtration system and prolonging its usefulness.

Wood, steel, or aluminum structures support the enclosure roof and the glazing or screening panels that surround the pool. Aluminum is a great choice for framing a pool enclosure, as it resists corrosion in Florida’s humid climate. Screening or glazing for the enclosure panels comes in plastic or glass, but another durable choice is mesh screening. We recommend Super Screen™: this high-tech screen mesh resists bugs, pets, mildew, UV rays, and even golf balls! Florida homeowners looking for a pool screen replacement should consider upgrading to the latest version of Super Screen™.

If a replacement isn’t in the budget, we can come out and perform repairs, or we can replace sections of torn or worn screening, even if it is just one screen panel. Once you select from the different types of pool enclosures, keep Pool Screens R Us in mind for pool screen replacement and repair.

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