Common Problems With Pool Enclosure Gutters

Common Problems With Pool Enclosure Gutters

Pool screen enclosures attach to structural gutters that, in turn, hook up to the home’s roof or fascia. The structural gutters are a critical part of the pool screen enclosure, supporting the roof beams and carrying rainwater away. Common problems with pool enclosure gutters can be repaired, but ignoring the issues will increase damage to the home and lead to higher repair costs over time.

Improper Installation

Installing structural gutters requires specialized knowledge. Installers must understand not only the pool screen enclosure structure, but the makeup of the home’s roof and fascia. Installing structural gutters on a narrow fascia, instead of using the roof rafters or trusses, can cause the gutters to sag. Installing the gutters on decaying or rotting wood will cause the fastener bolts to slip, and the pool screen enclosure will pull away from the house.

Older homes might have had an enclosure attached directly to the house with beams and steel reinforcements. These caused water damage and roof rot, which resulted in a change to building codes requiring structural gutters. However, if the old rot was not addressed, the structural gutters could fail.

Insufficient Slope

Another aspect of improper installation is a failure to create the necessary slope in the gutter to keep water moving along it toward the downspouts. A gutter with an insufficient slope will contain standing water after a rainstorm, attracting pests and causing corrosion and leaking.

Difficulty Cleaning

Structural gutters attach to the home between the roof and the pool enclosure. This makes them tough to clean. You cannot get at them from inside the enclosure, which means you will probably have to climb onto the roof to clean them. Using a hose extension to wash debris out could work, but when a pool enclosure gutter becomes clogged, it can overflow or cause water damage to the roof. Call a professional in pool cage gutter repair to clean and repair the gutter, and install gutter guards to keep debris out in the future.

Common problems with pool enclosure gutters are preventable if the gutters are installed properly from the beginning to a sound roof and fascia system free of rot.