Advantages of Pool Area Screens

Advantages of Pool Area Screens

Many Florida homes have in-ground pools that provide private and peaceful recreation. Well-designed and -maintained pool enclosures enhance the pool area, creating an indoor-outdoor space that extends the pool season. Enclosures create a vacation-like feeling—and the owner doesn’t even have to leave the home. Aluminum framing and high-quality screening combine to create pool enclosures of many shapes and sizes. Consider some of these advantages of pool area screens.

They Keep Out Debris, Insects, and Animals

The backyard pool transforms from refuge to chore when the pool fills up with leaves and debris. Trees and shrubs provide shade and privacy, but falling leaves and twigs require pool owners to skim the pool and clean the filter more often. Furthermore, Florida has a wonderful variety of insect and animal life—but they’re best experienced at a good distance. Insects mar enjoyment of the pool area; no one wants to spend their time poolside swatting at mosquitoes and shooing away moths and bees. Pool screens keep bugs and debris out as well as discourage incursions from wildlife and pets that may chew through the screening. High-quality pool screens resist tearing. Fiberglass screening material is strong, and Super Screen is even stronger—it uses new technology and materials, including coated polyester yarn, to provide superb tear-resistance and longevity.

They Provide Sun Protection

Screening can maintain a pleasant temperature in the enclosure on hot days. Some brands of pool screening material also block UV rays and reduce pool water evaporation, prolonging the life of pool chemicals. Tinted screening can reduce the glare of the midday sun, and solar screening prolongs the life of outdoor furniture, which deteriorates more quickly under sunlight. An added advantage of pool screening is energy savings. Pool screens help homeowners maintain a more constant water temperature, reducing water heating costs.

They Enhance Safety

A pool screen enclosure corrals children within your view and keeps out neighbor children and other uninvited visitors. Some enclosure designs may integrate doors that lock. Check with your pool enclosure or security system contractor to get information about other home security features they could install to protect your backyard and pool area.

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